18-in Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

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Style: 18-in Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Sku: 7447

18" Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Boost your cooking game with our 18-in Reversible Cast Iron Griddle. With a flat surface for breakfast and sandwiches, and a ribbed grilling surface perfect for steaks and vegetables, you can achieve savory sear marks and seal in natural juices for mouth-watering meals. Perfect for any dual burner stovetop.

Reversible Cast Iron Griddle Features and Benefits:

  • 17.5-in x 10.5-in Cast Iron Reversible Griddle
  • Flat Griddle side for breakfast, burgers, and grilled sandwiches
  • Ribbed Steak Grill side for steak, chicken, pork chops, shish-kabobs, shrimp, and vegetables
  • Ideal for most stovetop searing and browning, then cook in the oven
  • Superb heat distribution and retention
  • Seasoned to ease cleaning and prevent rust