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20"x30"  Heart-Shaped Braided Natural Jute Rug In Brown, Black, and Charcoal Colors C-099

C-099 Brown, Black, and Charcoal Braided Rug - Heart

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Heart-Shaped Braided Natural Jute Rug In Brown, Black, and Charcoal Colors

This handcrafted Heart-Shaped Braided Natural Jute Rug In Brown, Black, and Charcoal Colors by Earth Rugs™ is great for high-traffic areas and will be a beautiful accent rug by your front door, the bath, kitchen, den, or entryway giving your home a rustic look that dates back to the Frontier days. Earth Rugs™ are world-renowned for their luxurious, soft, 100% natural jute fiber rugs that are eco-friendly, durable, colorfast, and beautifully hand-stenciled by Artisans. The braided rug is water repellant and naturally moth and flame retardant. It is easily spot-cleaned with mild detergent and water and it ships from the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, USA. "The Natural State". It will make the perfect gift and rustic décor for a cabin, lodge, lake house, or country homes!

Heart-Shaped Braided Rug In Brown, Black, and Charcoal Colors

  • Manufactured by Earth Rugs™
  • 100% Natural Jute Plant Fiber
  • Eco-Chic/ Eco-Friendly/ Biodegradable
  • Water Repellant and Naturally Moth and Flame Retardant
  • Extremely Durable
  • Great In High-Traffic Areas
  • Size: 20"x30"