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DS-83416 - Bear Lake 16" x 16" Decorative Roof Tile Throw Pillow

DS-83416 Decorative Roof Tile Throw Pillow

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Bear Lake 16" x 16" Decorative Roof Tile Throw Pillow

The shades of blue, green, and brown in this Bear Lake 16" x 16" Decorative Roof Tile Throw Pillow coordinate with our Bear Lake Cotton Quilted Bedding Collection but will go beautifully on your sofa, rocker, porch swing, or other bedding.  It will be perfect for your rustic cabin, lodge, lakehouse, mountain home, or country-style home. The roof tile pattern will give an elegant touch, yet offers that rustic cabin décor look. It has a zipper closure for easy care.

16" x 16" Decorative Throw Pillow In Roof Tile Design

  • Manufactured by Donna Sharp
  • Colors: Multicolor Tile Roof Pattern
  • Materials: Cover 100% Cotton, Fill 70% Cotton/30% Polyester
  • Measures: 16" x 16" 
  • Zipper Closure For Easy Care
  • Imported