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Style: Fork and Knife Set

Sku: 500-776

Grill Fork and Knife Set

We believe that food is one of the best excuses to bring those you love together and enjoy the outdoors.

To help, we supply the essential tools for food preparation, cooking, and serving. Our stainless steel Chef’s Knife and Two-pronged Fork set by Bayou Classic® provides the best cuts at the table. Use them on the griddle, grill, or serving tray. They are perfect for serving a crown pork tenderloin, slicing a flank steak, or spatchcocking a whole chicken. They will quickly be the first thing you grab when you’re cooking.

Stainless Steel Fork and Knife Set:

13.5-in Fork

  • 2.5-in dual tines
  • Designed for piercing, turning, and holding meats on the griddle or grill
  • Hardwood Handle 

12.75-in Chef's Slicing Knife

  • 7.5-in Blade
  • Chef's blade designed for slicing and cutting meats on the griddle
  • Hardwood Handle