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RNB-002 9"x7" Primitive Star Flag Natural Rope Braided Jute Basket

RNB-002 Primitive Star Flag Natural Rope Basket

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Primitive Star Flag Natural Rope Braided Jute Basket 

This Primitive Star Flag Natural Rope Braided Jute Basket with a Primitive Star Flag design will be beautiful in your kitchen, bathroom, a tabletop, on a shelf, or any counter area giving your home a rustic look. They are made of 100% natural jute plant fiber and are both functional and decorative. Do you need a gift for an office party? These work great in an office as well to keep pens, paperclips, and other office supplies in. The basket ships directly from our manufacturer in Arkansas, USA. "The Natural State".

Natural Rope Utility Basket In Primitive Star Flag Design

  • Handcrafted by Earth Rugs
  • 100% Natural Jute Fiber
  • Handcrafted / Hand Painted
  • Sizes: 9"x7" Round
  • Color: Natural/White
  • Ships Directly From Manufacturer in 5-7 Business Days