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SCP-583 Dream Big Bear Slice Rug

SCP-583 Dream Big Bear Slice Rug

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Dream Big Bear Braided Natural Jute Slice Rug 

This Dream Big Bear Braided Natural Jute Slice Rug will make the perfect kitchen rug. They also will be beautiful by your front door, in the bath, den, or entryway giving your home a rustic look. The braided rug is flame retardant, so the rug slice would be beautiful in front of your fireplace hearth as well! Earth Rugs™ are world-renowned for their luxurious, soft, 100% natural jute fiber rugs that are eco-friendly, durable, colorfast, and beautifully hand-stenciled by Artisans in the USA. These make the perfect gifts and decor for a rustic cabin, lodge, lake house, or country homes!

Braided Natural Jute Slice Rug In Dream Big Design

  • 100% Natural Jute Plant Fiber
  • Handcrafted/Hand-Stenciled by Earth Rugs™
  • Eco-Chic/ Eco-Friendly/ Biodegradable
  • Flame Retardant
  • Naturally Water Repellant
  • Spot Clean With Mild Soap & Water 
  • Size: 18"x29"