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"15"x35" Tall Timbers Braided Jute Log Carrier handcrafted and hand-stenciled by Earth Rugs."

Tall Timbers Log Carrier - LCP-116

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Tall Timbers Braided Jute Log Carrier - LCP-116

This Tall Timbers Braided Jute Log Carrier will get the job done, whether scouting the woods to bring logs back to your campfire or needing to bring firewood inside your home to your fireplace. This durable log carrier makes the job easier on your hands and arms and keeps your clothes clean. The carrier features hand-stenciled Tall Cedar Trees and Pinecones and Pine Needles, so it is also a great way to give that decorative rustic décor look when you hang it on your wall next to your fireplace.  Made with 100% natural jute plant fiber, so they are eco-friendly and ship from our home state of Arkansas, USA. "The Natural State".


  • Makes Carrying Logs Easier
  • Helps Protect Hands and Arms From Scratches/Splinters
  • Manufactured by Earth Rugs™
  • Handcrafted/Hand-Stenciled
  • Measures 15"x35"
  • Sturdy Carrying Handles
  • Extremely Durable