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"10" Blessing Braided Jute Trivets/Basket Set with the words, "Love", "Faith", "Hope", "Blessings", "Family", and "Friends". Mocha Frappucino color."

TNB-313 Blessing Trivets/Basket Set

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Blessing 10" Round Braided Natural Jute Trivets & Matching Basket Set 

Handcrafted Blessing 10" Braided Natural Jute Trivets & Matching Basket Set with Hand-Stenciled Blessing Designs by Earth Rugs™. These braided jute trivets with the words "Love", "Faith", "Hope", "Blessings", "Friends", and "Family" will help protect your kitchen countertops, furniture, and be a beautiful table accent for your Rustic Home Décor in your cabin, lodge, lake house, or country style home with Farmhouse Décor. The designer trivets come with a matching basket. This is Eco-friendly, made with 100% natural jute plant fiber. They ship from the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, USA. "The Natural State".

10" Round Set of 6 Braided Natural Jute Trivets & Matching Basket Set In Blessing Design.

  • 100% Natural Jute
  • Handcrafted/Hand-Stenciled by Earth Rugs™
  • Six 10" Round Trivets with Matching Basket
  • Mocha Frappuccino
  • Extremely Durable