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Wooded River Women's Elegant Stanton Poncho Capes

Wooded River Women's Elegant Stanton Poncho Capes

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Wooded River Women's Elegant Stanton Poncho Capes

New for 2021! These luxurious warm, durable, and stylish Women's Elegant Stanton Poncho Capes by Wooded River are available in two styles. They come in four of Wood River's signature washable wools and seven of their cotton blends. This Stanton poncho fabric is a cotton blend. Both styles offer topnotch craftsmanship, stylish cuts, and blanket stitched edging. These poncho sweaters will keep you warm while hiking, horseback riding, or sitting on your deck. One size fits most. Proudly made in the USA! Please allow up to 3 weeks lead time.

Neck & Cowl: The “L-style” has a more generous neckline. While both poncho styles allow for a cowl, the "V-style"  is less pronounced. 

Cut & Material Usage: The “L-style” measures 43” W x 38” L. The “V-style” measures 40” W x 35" L. Both of these cuts allow for multiple ways of wearing the poncho.

Hem & Drape: The bottom hem on the “L-style” has an off-centered point end, and due to the cut, it has a longer drape and a looser fit. The bottom hem on the “V-style” has a center point and is more fitted.

L-Style and V-Style Ponchos with Stanton Fabric Design

  • L-Style & V-Style
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Cotton Blend
  • Topnotch Craftsmanship
  • Proudly Handcrafted in the USA
  • Wooded River Product