Living Our Log Home Dream In The Beautiful Ozark Mountains

Written by Laurie Andrews


Posted on April 07 2021

Our Log Home Life In The Ozark Mountains

Laurie and Keith Andrews

Hi folks! I just wanted to introduce ourselves. We're Laurie & Keith Andrews and we own and operate Ozark Cabin Décor LLC, an online e-commerce store, as well as a craft booth in the Branson Craft Mall in Branson, MO. We also own and operate Andrews Truck & Trailer, Inc., a 24/7 emergency roadside assistance service for heavy duty trucks and trailers. Thanks so much for joining us here!

Our Home on Peace Heal

We are log home owners living in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of North Arkansas. We're just a stones throw away from Bull Shoals Lake and the Missouri state line and are a 30 minute drive away from the awesome tourist destination of Branson, MO. We love our life and have been blessed to be given the desires of our heart by the Lord. I'll share how it all happened in a later post.

I wanted to start this blog as a way of answering any questions we can about log home living. There are so many people who dream of living in a log home. I didn't realize just how many until the last few years. Tens of thousands are in FB groups to simply post or view log homes. For most, it is a dream. And it was once our dream! And dreams are where all things begin.

We are not log home professionals in any way, but can answer the "what is it like" kind of questions. The blog will consist of a hodge-podge of different things ... home décor, making a cozy cabin, daily living, pros (and cons) of living in a log home, and some of our experiences after we bought our home. We are down home people, so of course we love the outdoors, the country life, pets (you'll read a lot about our dogs, Duke and Daisy), eating, going, doing, and chillin' and grillin'. Having been born and raised in Deep East Texas, I'll certainly have to post some of my favorite recipes from the South from time to time. ; )

Daisy and Duke. Our Roving Security System.

There are so many things that I am excited to write about! It will be solely our opinions, but I'll answer such questions such as:

  1. Are Log Homes More Expensive Than Brick or Frame Homes?
  2. Is Insurance Higher For Log Homes?
  3. How Energy Efficient Is A Log Home?
  4. Are Shingles or a Metal Roof Best For a Log Home?
  5. How Do You Make A Log Home Feel Cozy?
  6. How Do You Decorate A Log Home For Cheap?
  7. What About Termites? Woodpeckers? Carpenter Bees?

Stay tuned and I will begin answering these questions based on our experience!


 ** CAVEAT: As you can already see, I am NOT a professional writer. Far from it! I'm sure if you made it through reading this far and you're one to use proper English, you are probably cringing by now. I talk with a Texas drawl and use plenty of Southern slang naturally. I never try to intentionally be offensive to anyone, so if you're not from the South and you read something and have no idea what I mean or it can be taken two ways ... please take it the good way! 



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