Sassafras Iron Extender Hook - 10 Inch

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Please Choose Iron Finish:: Natural Black

Please Choose Accent:: NONE

Sku: 901-528

Sassafras Hand-Forged Iron 10-inch Pot Rack Extender Hook

This premium Sassafras Hand-Forged Iron 10-Inch Pot Rack Extender Hook is the perfect solution for those who need to extend their pot rack. Hand-forged from iron for strength and durability, this 10-inch hook is guaranteed to last. Easily hung onto the existing pot rack, it provides a secure way to extend the storage space of any kitchen. Crafted in Natural Black Iron, however, there are many upgrade iron finishes and accents to make it perfectly stand out. Masterfully handmade by Artisan Blacksmiths in the USA.

Sassafras Hand-Forged Iron 10" Pot Rack Extender Hook

  • Hand-Forged by Artisan Blacksmith
  • Made In The USA
  • Material: Hand-Forged Iron
  • Measures: 10 inches
  • Made the old-fashioned way! (Hammered Out On An Anvil)
  • Crafted in Natural Black
  • Choose From Upgraded Finishes
  • Add an Iron Accent For The Leaf!